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I Am Addicted To Diablo 3

I’ve got back into playing Diablo 3. I say back into playing Diablo 3 because I bought the game when it was released on the PS3 and gave it a shot. I was enjoying it. I got through to the early stages of Act 2 and then my Demon Hunter …

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Blizzard…Welcome Back

Once upon a time there was a company called Blizzard. Everyone liked Blizzard because they released awesome, original and vastly entertaining console games. The company made its name with classics like The Lost Vikings and Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing on the Super Nintendo. I played them for ages. Then, when …

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The ‘One Ring’ of D&D Editions

So, let me get this straight. They are designing D&D 5E to be the ‘one ring’ of D&D editions? No doubt in an attempt to stop the fragmented market totally killing them. Which it undoubtedly is and would continue to do so with every release. I can see the reason …

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