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CottageCon II Is Go!

It’s been talked about. The games have been discussed. The character creation session has taken place. Even more importantly the cottage has been booked. Once the place is booked, the convention is on. The game schedule breaks down as follows: Arkham Horror, Board Game, Friday Exalted of the Western Sea, …

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CottageCon II: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

After an aborted attempt in the last quarter of 2007, CottageCon II is back on again for the first quarter of 2008. It looks like it’s going to go this time, it’s even grown with one extra person coming. At the current time the games break down looks like this: …

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CottageCon Strike Two

The original CottageCon was such a success, the CottageCon concept is continuing with a second outing. I must admit, it took us so long to get the whole CottageCon idea going, despite talking about it on and off for years, I always thought it would be a one off affair. …

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CottageCon Is Over!

And I am completely knackered. I was also completely knackered on Saturday night and I had to go back and run the second half of Thrilling Tales: The Crystal of Eternity! It was a bit daunting to be honest, I was that tired. Actually, not to diminish the awesomeness of …

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CottageCon Is Go!

I can’t remember whether I’ve told this story before or not, which is probably a reminder to go through more historical entries and tag them with the keywords, but ages ago, in a gaming group of yesteryear, we decided to game all weekend. Not just for most of the weekend, …

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Pendragon: Session Four, 488 A.D

Another year rolls around in the Pendragon Campaign, and like all other years, it seemed to involve lots of drinking, eating, bashing the hell out of one form of barbarian or another (a bit different to the more sedate previous year), putting your inferiors in their place in case they …

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