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The Android Tablet Inexperience

I’ve had an Android phone for about 18 months and an Android table for 8 months. What is the verdict? The verdict is it’s a tale of two completely difference experiences. If you want the short answer: the phone is great, the tablet experience needs a lot of work. I …

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A Social and Communications Shift

My personal social media and communications landscape seems to go through periods of stability, punctuated by a change and then repeat. It’s just gone through one of it’s changes. Truthfully, it changes over time until the ‘gap’ gets too wide and then I make changes. It’s possibly never truly static …

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Domino Power Site of the Month

It would seem I’ve received my first award of sorts, in the form of the Dominopower Site of the Month award. Dominopower seeks out Domino powered websites on the web and gives out an award to the sites that show the potential of Domino. It’s not going to make me …

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Spy Gadgets as Consumer Electronics

I thought this was interesting. It basically says that a gym has banned mobile phones in the locker room. Why? Because now some of them are cameras, since they’re not going to check them all, then they all get band. I must admit, this is one unforseen advantage (or disadvantage …

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Blogging Comes To FLN!

I’ve finally succumbed to the blogging craze. I’ve tried to resist the trend for over a year, but I regularly go to so many sites now that I enjoy that have a blog front-end that I’ve become accustomed to the idea. FLN will no longer be fronted by the latest …

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