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Mission Impossible: The Hollywood Wink

I’m currently working in Crawley a lot. There is a Cineworld cinema close to the hotel, so I’ve invested in a 15 GBP monthly unlimited card. I figure it’s something to do while away and it plays well with Orange Wednesdays when I return (no cash changes hands other than …

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Fan Fiction Goes Celluloid

We’ve discussed fan fiction before on FLN, but now many have moved on to fan movies. The relative cheapness of computer power and the software needed to do the special effects has actually made fan Star Wars movies possible. The issue deserves investigating, and article will appear after I’ve had …

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Star Trek:Nemesis

Since we pay a flat, monthly fee to see as many films as we want, we went to see Star Trek: Nemesis yesterday. It was actually better than I expected, to the point that I think it is one of the better Next Generations movies – but then that’s not …

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