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Pendragon: Session Two, 486 A.D

So, the second session of the Pendragon Campaign comes around, and second sessions are always interesting because the introduction is over, the pilot is done so to speak, and you quite often get a feel for how the whole thing is going to play out. I have to say, I’m …

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Pendragon: Session One, Introduction

Out of the cancellation of Pulsars and Privateers rises another game, namely a Pendragon Campaign, a game of knightly adventure during the time of King Arthur. In truth, the time of King Arthur hasn’t even happened yet as we start the game, but that’s the bueaty of Pendragon, as it’s …

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The Conan RPG

Well, I got the Conan RPG and I wished I’d never bothered. To be honest I’m not really sure what the fuss is about. I like the Conan stories, but I don’t see them in the Conan RPG. The problem as I see it is the Conan RPG allows you …

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Sweeps Week Gaming

‘Sweeps Week’ a time when the US TV Networks go crazy, as it’s when ratings samples are taken to decide the ‘worth’ of advertising slots. It’s a time of great competition, high drama, and fear tactics and, on occasion, downright sleaze, anything to get the viewers watching their networks. Obviously, …

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