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Storium – The Second Kickstarter

I’ve backed my second Kickstarter. The first one was Fate Core this second one is something quite different: Storium. I’ve opted for the second backer level, which gives me access during the testing phases as well as a first year subscription. It wasn’t a vast amount of money and I …

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Domino Power Site of the Month

It would seem I’ve received my first award of sorts, in the form of the Dominopower Site of the Month award. Dominopower seeks out Domino powered websites on the web and gives out an award to the sites that show the potential of Domino. It’s not going to make me …

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Fan Fiction Goes Celluloid

We’ve discussed fan fiction before on FLN, but now many have moved on to fan movies. The relative cheapness of computer power and the software needed to do the special effects has actually made fan Star Wars movies possible. The issue deserves investigating, and article will appear after I’ve had …

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Blogging Comes To FLN!

I’ve finally succumbed to the blogging craze. I’ve tried to resist the trend for over a year, but I regularly go to so many sites now that I enjoy that have a blog front-end that I’ve become accustomed to the idea. FLN will no longer be fronted by the latest …

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