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MBA S1, W3: Networks And Exploding Heads

Three weeks in and the volume of work is beginning to hit home. It’s not so much that it’s unexpected, it’s more that you have to get your approach to tackling it correct or you are going to just collapse under the weight. At the moment I think I’m taking …

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MBA S1, W1: Plans And Beginnings

In truth it doesn’t start until the 1st July, but I decided to make my official start this week and run things from that point. The first thing I did was examine what I needed to do when and marked up a Google Calendar accordingly. A few things are specific …

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The Serenity Experience

I’m not someone who takes great pleasure in always liking something that the majority of people don’t know exists, or decided it wasn’t for them. You know the sort? The people who always listen to obscure bands, and like obscure movies, claiming they are the best thing ever, and the …

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Down By The Seaside

A week or so a go we went for a walk along the beach, a nice chilly walk along the beach is good for waking you up, and allowing you to get a bit of exercise, which is good for a person whose work and hobbies all seem to involve …

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New Years Resolutions (2005)

It’s a New Year, time for the new resolutions. 1. Write Fiction Yeah, this is the big one. I used to write fiction all the time when I was a teenager. I’m not saying what was written was very good, but I used to enjoy doing it. I remember one …

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New Year’s Resolutions (2004)

It’s 2004, and while this is a bit late, it’s time for the New Years resolutions. I’m a simple man, and I’ve got no big life changing events, well, not that I can list here at the moment anyway. The Gym Okay, let’s get the obvious one out of the …

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