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Why I Stay At Value Resorts

I’ve read a few articles and seen the odd video laying into value resorts and that everyone should go moderate. Some of these criticisms are fine while others make vast, direction-less assumptions about the socio-economic status of those staying at value resorts. This annoys me as I find all sorts …

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Pathfinder Update: EOS Colonisation

Let’s make something clear, the original Mass Effect trilogy was, and is, one of my favourite gaming experiences. It goes beyond any other gaming experience because all the others are still gaming experiences while the Mass Effect trilogy transcends that and has a place in my heart similar to other …

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Why Everyone Should Vlog

Last week I had a brief conversation with one of my colleagues at work about YouTube. The conversation started when he mentioned his teenage sons were focused on YouTube and some YouTube ‘stars’ rather than watching TV. The discussion varied about a bit but it did result in me discussing …

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Future Comic Con Experiences

We went to MCM Comic Con Manchester at the end of July, suffice to say it was a different and yet eerily expected experience at the same time. It has caused us to consider how we approach our Comic Con visits in the future. The Content Problem The main problem …

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