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Embrace The (Star Trek) Discovery

I woke up at 0600 and decided to get up because I’d heard that Star Trek: Discovery was getting released on Netflix at 0700. I did this because Star Trek is a big thing for me. It’s not big because I’m an obsessive fan, well, I probably used to be, …

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Why Am I Returning To Florida?

Yes, that’s correct. I’m going back to Florida despite only having gone in September last year. Repeated visits every year used to be a thing. Hell, repeated visits twice a year used to be a thing. That was way back in 2007 and earlier. If I learned anything from my …

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The IT Fantastic

IT the novel sits in a strange place for me. When I randomly think about these things I will often say that IT would be in my list of top 5 novels. This in itself is an oddity as I find it very hard to do such lists, but it …

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Playbooks v Mantles

We’re currently playing Dresden Files Accelerated, which is a brilliant game and we’re really enjoying it. It has got me thinking about a few things in relation to systems and characters and how the two things intersect. What I’m learning from playing Dresden Files Accelerated is how I don’t like …

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Who Needs California

As winter gave way to spring this year I was desperate to have a break. Deep down I was eyeing up something similar to what I did in May 2016, which was a fantastic long weekend in The Lakes. A cottage, some walking and some fantastic scenery. This didn’t work …

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