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A Distant Star

Location: Outer Rim Vacuous, Distance from Sol: 14,181 Light Years, Hull: 97% I’ve mentioned a few times how I’ve reached peak Elite and I was a bit sad I could no longer find purpose in the game. I’d ridden the ship ladder as far as I wanted to go with …

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Disneyland Paris, Absolument Pas

I have a tumultuous relationship with Disneyland Paris. You see, around the millennium, give or take 5 years in either direction, myself and my wife were very much like the vloggers you see now. We went to Disneyland for two weeks twice a year, the standard May and September (possibly …

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Meta-game The Hell Out of It

A few weeks back, we played the fourth session of our Dresden Files Accelerated campaign and it was excellent. In my view it was the tabletop role-playing game equivalent of an Emmy winning episode. Yeah, a bit of hyperbole, but it was really great and I really loved it. As …

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