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2017 in Review

It’s safe to say it’s been a big year. Not entirely in a positive way. Since the last Friday in June 2015, right through until August 2017, my life in one shape or form has been on hold. It took me a full 18-months to reach some level of understanding …

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Top 5 Netflix Originals 2017

I’ve stated this before but I am addicted to Netflix Original shows. I watch any show produced and made by Netflix as I’ve never been disappointed so far. I’ve watched pretty much all of them. This has got me watching shows I wouldn’t normally have given the time of day. …

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Small Screen DC Superheroics

I’ve had a bit of a strange journey with respect to the small screen DC TV series. I had a strange love-hate relationship with Arrow, though I was watching until it finally got a true and laborious slog during season four (2015 – 2016). Then The Flash took up the …

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