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I’m Running A Tabletop RPG!

That’s right. I’m going to be running a tabletop RPG. This is great news as it is one of my 2018 resolutions and it wasn’t something I could guarantee would happen as it’s not fully under my control. Tabletop role-playing games are a group activity so you need others to …

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Tabletop Gaming Weekend 2017

November rolls around. Christmas gets closer. Everyone looks for their first Christmas tree or the Cola Christmas advert. Some people even start gearing up for the YouTube vlogmas madness. I always have something different to look forward to as around late November and early December we congregate for CottageCon. What …

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Star Wars Is Like The Moon Landing

Ever since watching The Last Jedi at the cinema I’ve been trying to pull together my thoughts on the film so I could get them down for the blog and channel. This has continued to elude me. It did lead me to a different destination which is more my thoughts …

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2018 Resolutions

I wasn’t going to do this again. I’ve done it often enough and it never gets me anywhere. I look at last years and my progress at meeting them is dire. I look across the years and each time a core of my resolutions are the bloody same suggesting I’ve …

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Binging Black Mirror Season Four

As soon as Black Mirror hit Netflix I started binge watching it. Well, half an hour after it hit Netflix. I also decided to run with a different experiment: vlog and blog it ‘while’ watching it. I didn’t literally write and vlog while watching it, but I did it immediately …

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