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My First XCOM Campaign Is..Over

In terms of playing the game I am no further forward from my first attempt as I’ve either had no time to play it (last weekend) or haven’t been bothered (this weekend). I have put a bit of thought into how the game is structured and the interplay of resources and what this means for success.

On this basis I’ve decided to not dedicate any more time to my first campaign as I suspect it has a high chance of failure and it’s just a matter of time. Apparently making decisions rather randomly will do that.

The principles I am taking into my second attempt are as follows.

On advice from a friend, in response to my first post on the game, it would seem satellites are important as they are the primary source of income and are the method by which you detect UFO activity. They also keep the panic level down. The best way to get maximum coverage would seem to be four satellite uplinks in a square followed by updating a few to the more advanced versions. Easier said than done, but making that more of a priority is apparently key. This is going to be combined with taking a more considered approach to my base space, as I was making too many random decisions rather than focusing on concentration bonuses and understanding the nature of steam vents, etc.

Engineers seem to be more important than Scientists. I’ve noticed that not having enough Engineers removes options from the table. You just cannot build certain things without having got past the requisite number of engineers. A key example being the need for 10 before you can build an uplink in your base. While scientists allow you to research things faster they never remove an option completely. This would seem to suggest prioritising Engineers over Scientists for a while.

On the second attempt I’m probably going to change the continent my base is in. I went for Europe on my first attempt, it being the closest to home and all that. This probably wasn’t a good idea. I notice Africa gives a monetary bonus, which is probably something that is simple to understand and perpetually useful. It may not be empirically the best, but it’s probably a very good shot for a second attempt.

The goal is to see what I can achieve in the first month or two in terms of satellite coverage to get me off to a good financial start. I suspect I may feel like I’m taking a hit on research as I seemed to be doing quite well on that in my first play through.

Round two begins this afternoon.

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