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A Weekend of the Dark Below

So, I spent last weekend playing the new Destiny content. Well, in truth it was more as much as I could fit in on Saturday. Has my opinion changed on the expansion now I’ve played through the story content, but for the strike? Yes and no.

The ‘story’ is pretty much on par with the original game, which means there is something there but it’s pretty thin and it’s hard to count it as narrative. It’s more bits of background that sort of make sense but you always feel like you’re missing something. The biggest example? The story missions are given to you by what feels like a vendor, she is some sort of exile who is some sort of hero from past battles on the moon, I think. You always only think these things. There is something really heartfelt and epic in there but it just feels like it’s wasted. The Warmind Rasputin makes a return, sounds awesome again, but you feel like more should be made of it, and there are two ominous figures lurking across the content: Crota who you don’t get to face until the raid and Omnigul, who leads his armies, who you get to take out in the strike after encountering he / she / it in the first and second story mission.

It’s just a pity you don’t get to engage with either of these two figures in some sense of narrative way. Omnigul could have been a great face for the conflict. As always the story potential of Destiny remains just that…potential.

I did enjoy the story missions. Well, the second and third one, the first one was very disappointing as it was essentially just a few extra rooms. The second one delving into the Warmind Rasputin was cool as the environment was new. It would have been better if you got to interact with the Rasputin AI, but alas no. The last one I really liked. It was quite long, and enjoyable battle deep into some Hive structures to take out some sort of Spirit of Crota. I quite liked the final battle taking out four ‘Wizards’ in turn as they tried to free Crota. The two missions themselves weren’t bad. Just add more narrative! How many times can I say that?

Strangely, after the story missions there is a number of bounties you have to do before the strike playlist and heroic strikes unlock for you. Strange thing to do. They are a bit random these bounties and it’s just odd they are tagged on the end. There is a bit of a why bother thing about them? Some initial interviews suggested they were going to use a similar approach to the exotic bounties in the expansion, which filled me with dread as they are long and mind-numbing, the only good thing is they are quite short.

I had a goal to unlock the heroic strikes this weekend, which meant doing all the story missions and those odd bounties, then do the heroic strike to get my seven strange coins and then upgrade Suros Regime. This would have been great as it would have given me an instant The Dark Below level weapon (the base damage starts higher than previous weapons even before you start upgrading). Alas, I didn’t make it and just got to the point of unlocking the strikes. As I look at what Xur offers this weekend, he doesn’t have Xuros regime for upgrade, even though I could now do it due to some lucky strange coin drops earlier in the week.

I’ve also got two new strikes to do. The strike that works as the finale to the story missions and the PS4 exclusive strike. The plan was to get the family group up to the same content point so we could run it together, but this does not seem to have happened yet.

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