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You’re Using Two Exotic Weapons!

I don’t do the Pokemon collecting thing. In fact, games that involve collecting, especially if linked to competitive edge, I avoid like the plague. Destiny is okay though, as I’m not in competition with anyone and the exotic weapons in the game don’t do any more damage than the legendary weapons, they just break the rules around the edges.

So, I was going to keep it simple: one exotic weapon only. I’ve even dropped exotic bounties because of the ridiculous effort it takes to do them and I’ve seen no advantage in having another exotic weapon (as you can only use one at a time). I use an exotic as my primary weapon…done.

I purchased Ice Breaker this morning with my strange coins, which is an exotic sniper rifle. Everyone was just telling me to get it. The Internet was telling me to get it. Apparently, it’s one of the best weapons in the game. These are the strange coins I’ve been holding onto waiting for Xur to sell the exotic chest armour. I’ll need to try and recoup them before next weekend as he’ll probably offer it up now.

It’s a sniper rifle, which hasn’t really featured much in my playstyle so far. I tend to go for an Auto Rifle and Fusion Rifle combination. It works well. The problem with Destiny is switching weapon load outs is a real pain. You have to come out of the game screen and to another menu, meanwhile the game doesn’t stop. Considering how often it’s beneficial to switch between weapon types or weapons doing different damage types this is a major oversight. This is primarily why I try and not switch load outs. You also have to throw in the fact that if I swap to the exotic Sniper Rifle not only do I have to switch my secondary weapon I have to switch my primary out as well to meet the one exotic weapon rule.

Now I’ve used Ice Breaker I can see why people have it. It actually makes the game easier…period.

As you’d expect from a Sniper Rifle, it does what it says on the tin and causes a lot of damage at range especially if you hit enemies in their sensitive spots. This means some content can be done at a distance which makes things a bit easier. The problem in the past has been Sniper Rifles have a very low ammo count and you’re reliant on secondary ammo dropping to reload. This means that the sniping option tends to have to be balanced with the more abundant primary weapon ammo.

The game changer with Ice Breaker is one of its exotic rule breaking perks is it regenerates its own ammo. You don’t have to pick up secondary ammo drops. You never run out of ammo. It takes a while to regenerate but it’s not ridiculously slow and if you’re hitting the sensitive spot of a boss it’s certainly fast enough considering the considerably damage it does. This gun is why you see some players sniping strike bosses from ledges. I’ve done a few strikes with it today and the different tactics it offers are great. Excellent weapon. It just needs to be upgraded!

This tends to mean I have two load outs now: Suros Regime and a legendary Fusion Rifle and then a legendary Auto Rifle and Ice Breaker (Fusion and Sniper rifles take the same slot). I mentally call out for a way to quickly swap between defined load outs via a radial menu every time I play the game.

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