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A Weapon From A More Enlightened Age

We had another five hour Destiny raid session yesterday, and great progress was made. We did the two hour run at Vault of Glass and them moved on to the bridge in Crota’s End since it hadn’t reset yet. We were expecting to practice, fail and make small steps to getting closer to being able to do it, but we actually did it. Not only that, the rewards for that stage dropped raid set pieces for three of the six people in the raid. Not bad! The first two stages are a bit away from farm status, but it was still way beyond expectation.

We tried the next section and it was astronomically harder!

The trouble with the next section was it felt like a hard break, not a soft break. A soft break is when it feels achievable and it’s just practice at the complex coordination needed to pull these things off (and it’s a timed coordination in this case). A hard break is when you just don’t feel powerful enough to do it. This felt like that. It’s surprising because I have a first expansion weapon, fully levelled to the correct attack rating and it still felt like a pop gun. We are aware some people are using pre-expansion weapons and then not fully upgraded so this isn’t helping. We’ve stepped back and recognised we need to concentrate on gear upgrades while hopefully farming the hell out of the first two stages of Crota (it can get us every armour piece but the helm). Will that make it feel like less of a hard break? Not sure, as I say my weapon is of the correct power and it didn’t feel like it was helping. I suspect it’s something more unique, like everyone having a very good heavy weapon of the correct power, and some heavy weapons making it even easier, etc.

Speaking of weapons, I’ve come to realise that the best looking weapon in Destiny, in my humble opinion, is to be exiled to the bank. There are a couple of reasons for this.

In the first instance it comes down to the fact your only allowed to have one exotic weapon actively equipped at any one time. This means it is hard for any primary exotic to compete with the useful support and heavy weapon exotics. Icebreaker (support) is so useful it squeezes out any exotic you might be tempted to use in the primary slot. Depending on circumstance you could say the same thing for Invective, the ammo regenerating shotgun and heavy weapons like the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher. Since the attack power of exotics is no better than legendaries it comes down to the perks and the support and heavy weapons just, across the board, have better perks than their primary weapon counterparts (a few raid specific weapons aside).

This is obviously a design floor and needs to be rectified. At one point Suros Regime was the gun to have, but primarily because of PvP. Apparently it was felt to be an overpowered beast. It seems to have had one or two reductions in power due to that, which is annoying for those just using it in PvE. It’s reduction in hitting power, along with Auto Rifles generally, has been so big that now its only real usefulness is when killing enemies lower than you. This can’t be correct for what is supposed to be an exotic weapon that you behold with awe? In the level appropriate content it just doesn’t take enemies down fast enough. I’m not sure why it’s not allowed to. I can’t believe a slower firing, harder hitting Auto Rifle is that hard to balance, but apparently it is. It’s a Auto Rifle and Scout Rifle cross after all, as Scout Rifles fire slower and hit harder.

The combined result of this is I am invariably better off just keeping my legendary rifle equipped as I need the other exotic slot and even when I don’t it’s not worth equipping it. Pity. I really do like the look of it and the way it handles, the sound of it is quite unique, it just doesn’t put out enough damage to be useful.

I will resist going off on a rant about PvP ruining it for the rest of us when it’s combined with PvE and levelling mechanics.

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