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New Year’s Resolutions (2004)

It’s 2004, and while this is a bit late, it’s time for the New Years resolutions. I’m a simple man, and I’ve got no big life changing events, well, not that I can list here at the moment anyway.

The Gym

Okay, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. While I’m far from being fat, I’d rather be a bit firmer and trimmer. As a result, I’m going to start going to the gym. It’s made a bit easier by the fact that we get ‘free’ gym membership with the flat we are renting, and it’s less than a minutes walk away, so the gym is ‘on tap’ so to speak.

Do Less Role-Playing

That title is a bit misleading, as I will actually be doing just as much role-playing as I normally do, both in terms of Pen and Paper games and Neverwinter Nights. When I say do less, I mean spend less time doing non-productive stuff. As I mentioned here, I’m going to stop buying role-playing games (though a single exception does exist – see Do More Writing), and I’m going to stop dedicating time under the delusion I’m going to run a campaign. It’s not going to happen. So, I’ll play in games, and I’ll be a major contributor to those games as a player, but I’ll not be writing up campaign ideas only to not run them. I’ll be developing and writing about role-playing games, but the intention is to find an outlet for their publication, thus it now being a total waste of time.

In short, re-focus these efforts into something productive, and that bring me to my next resolution.

Do More Writing

Just write. Then write some more. It may be articles for gaming magazines, material for websites, content for FLN or even fiction – it doesn’t matter. Just write. This is the focus of 2004 and beyond. I enjoy doing it, and it is just the inherent laziness of the human mind that distracts me from doing it. The last time I put a major focus on my writing I ended up being regularly published in Arcane magazine. I should never have let the momentum drop, and I intend to rectify that.

This links in with the Do Less Role-Playing resolution, as explained here, as my creative energy used in that context will be diverted into writing. This will also be the criteria under which I purchase role-playing material, in order to write for the game.

The hope is to not limit myself to just writing for RPG outlets, which means a bit of research.

Expand FLN

This is already in process as detailed here, and I’ve already got a number of components complete and tested (they return the data from the MySQL database). Once I’ve got the current site using Coldfusion, I can then use that as a base to add functions and change the layout, etc.

Learn Web Technologies

This is just a continual process, but the main focus for me is to further develop my Web Application Server skills (promarily concentrating on ASP.NET and Coldfusion MX) and more importantly my presentation layer skills in terms of the graphics and Cascading Stylesheets.

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