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Welcome to FLN Phase Three

Get ready for some ‘timey wimey’ stuff. This blog was written on 1st July 2015. That was when I decided that Fandomlife.net, my blog, written myself in Coldfusion, needed to be brought into modern times. Once I’d made this decision I couldn’t bring myself to post to the current blog, so I kept writing for when they could be posted to the new site. The new site is phase three simply because it is the third rebirth of the site.

So, why phase three?

The Technical Reason

Fandomlife.net was always a personally developed website. This made sense at the time as I was interested in development and the various content management systems weren’t as available, mature or as configurable at the time. In the dim, distance past it was powered by Lotus Domino and then that was switched to Coldfusion and MySQL.

It remained like that for a very long time.

I’ve wanted to shift it over to a content management system for a while, as it’s the content that interests me now not the coding. The effort was what always put me off, but recent life changes have me wanting to re-focus the site while keeping it within its overall brand.
So, here we are, Fandomlife.net has transitioned to WordPress (as that will be the case when this is posted – the ‘timey wimey’ stuff again). It offers me way more functionality then I’d have ever self-developed and it’s supported, etc.

The Personal Reason

The short answer for the personal reason is this: on the 26th June 2015 I got in from work to find my wife of 19 years had literally done a runner. Letter on the kitchen work surface and £20 so I didn’t starve. She’d put in her notice four weeks ago. Arranged the divorce as best as she could (the opening papers arrived, complete with a potential financial arrangement, the following morning). She’d took her stuff, but as far as I can tell nothing personal to the relationship, just ‘her’ stuff. I may be wrong on the last score, who knows what digital photos she copied, but I have a feeling she didn’t take anything like that.

Basically, when that happens it’s like the person has died or been kidnapped and gone missing. They’re no longer around, the explanation makes little sense, and the ability to communicate is removed via various tools and strategies. Suddenly, you’re forced to face the fact the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with is never going to be around again.
It is a life changing event.

The Content Reason

There is a content change inherent within phase three, while still being very much a brand ‘Fandomlife’ thing.

I’ll admit phase three is part of me dealing with recent and abrupt split. You’re not going to be subject to long, posts as therapy, far from it. I just want to widen the remit of the brand ‘Fandomlife’ so it includes everything I’m sort of enamoured with in my life, and potentially my new life (enforced though it may be), so that the site will probably start to take on more ‘life’ aspects rather than just being about specific things like games, books, films, etc. It will be about all these things, but more in a fabric of my life way, rather than a topic I’m interested in.

I’m sure you get the idea. It’s going to become a bit more, overall, brand me.

There will also be a transition from phase one, which was very magazine like with a publishing date, which turned more into a blog in phase two into phase three which will remain very blog-like, but become radically more visual. The written word will remain core but images and video will be used a lot more now the facilities are available and it’s just the done thing. I’m looking forward to it.

It will just be more visually appealing and exciting.

So, Welcome to Phase Three

There is going to be some pain as I transition between the two sites. The approach I’ve taken is simple. Starting writing for the site as if it exists, this has been happening since 1st July 2015. Work to make the new WordPress version of the site live and, put the written content in and then use that site from the live date. Then work to transition the old content in. I had to do it this way as if I waited till I’d figured out all the data migration work it would have fell flat. Early wins and all that.

Enjoy, treat this as a new blog with a new beginning. The old content is still present and will be transitioned in over the coming months. Let’s face it, not many people read this blog, even less read old content, so the content migration is largely for my benefit as a lasting ‘diary’ of sorts.

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