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I Am A Destiny Legend!

I’ve always found Destiny marketing strange. Whatever I think doesn’t really matter, as it obviously works. I have my own view on how it’s about trust and getting the core right, despite numerous issues with the overall game in Year One, but they put out some unique and quirky stuff.

The easy thing to do would be put out regular Blizzard-like mega-narrative style CGI trailers that are mini-films. They don’t tend not do this though, because they love to hid the narrative that does exist so no one can see it, instead going for their odd live-action affairs. Now, they’ve done something just as funky, you can have your own personalised legend video with the main bad guy of the game actually calling you out!

I’m not sure how accurate this all is. I’m not sure I’m 1% of anying in PvP as I never do it and I am crap at it! Still, it was interesting to see.

Get your own personal legend!

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