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450 ly. A Nebula. One Black Hole

It’s almost two months since I mentioned Elite. At the time the plan was to take a break after getting my Anaconda, but this didn’t happen. The reason for this was because some of the expected distractions didn’t kick in. I haven’t spent as much time on Destiny as I thought I would, not being as dedicated to the grind towards the raid. Sword Coast Legends? Well, it got delayed and then it hasn’t turned out to be as good as I’d hoped. It’s a pretty amateur effort, in fact.

This meant I’ve been trading in the Anaconda, buying ships and going on another short exploration mission.

Credits Come Easy

When you have a trading Anaconda you basically have a relatively sprightly Type-9 credit generating machine. Capable of carrying a tonnage of 448 allows you to pick a good commodity run and then run that swine significantly faster than you can in the old warthog. This tends to mean money isn’t a worry. Unless you’re buying something really expensive, you get the credits back pretty quickly.

I purchased an Asp capable of combat and trading (later re-fitted for exploration). There was a community goal that resulted in imperial vessels being cheap at 20% off and able to be purchased without the reputation grind so I purchased an Imperial Clipper (the hull is sat waiting to be upgraded at a later date). I’ve earned the money back from those purchases very quickly.

I’m trying to avoid new purchases now so I can focus on my primary goal to purchase a Python as my primary combat vessel, which I can then do some combat stuff alongside my brother’s Vulture, which is what he’s saving up for.

That’s my plan, basically, keep the Anaconda as a money generating machine, the Asp Explorer for exploring and the Python for combat. I’m not really sure why I have the Imperial Clipper other than it looks bloody gorgeous and once the reputation wall went back there was no way I’d ever be able to get one (so I felt it was worth banking).

A Short Exploration Trip

My brothers getting back into Elite, which is great. While this highlights the difficulties in playing Elite together, it’s also great as it does afford the opportunity to combine and do things together. This is likely to be combat stuff and exploration trips I suspect.

This was the case yesterday when we set off on a short exploration trip to visit a nebula.

One goal of the trip was to master travelling in a wing. While it probably wouldn’t be efficient to travel in a wing on a very long trip, it was great to experiment with it on a short one. We finally mastered it. It’s all about lining up while in supercruise and timing, allowing for a train of FSD jumps to be strung together via the wake of the vessel that your slaved to. It works well. You get into a rhythm with it. It was good to nail it as it was getting very annoying last time we tried it as the mechanics of how it worked seemed a bit elusive. The only wrinkle is a drop in travel speed and the fact it doesn’t account for the different jump ranges of everyone in the wing so the slowest vessel has to do the primary jump and plot the route.

The exploration trip itself was great. The usual feeling of going out in the black. This time we were out on a tourist trip to get some great visuals of the nebula. We had an extra win as the nebula we visited also featured a black hole!

It was an archetypal Elite experience. New things to see and new things to experience and learn. At first, we couldn’t seem to get sight of the nebula and the trip was in danger of being a bit disappointing. We arrived in the system that seemed to be at the center of the nebula, which also contained the black hole. Not seeing much we then traversed to systems skirting the nebula and got some images from there. I then went back to the black hole and got some images from the edge of its horizon. That’s what I like to think anyway. Apparently, Elite does its usual attempt at realism’ and it’s hard to get sight of distance things when you’re close to the start due to its epic light pollution. Supercruise away from the star and the grand vista of space slowly comes into view.

Enjoyable sojourn, I think we may well do it again, though it may well be a longer journey. I think the next might be 1000 ly plus as it brings in all the trials of navigating routes and the like.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep trading for those credits and get that combat Python so we can start to do combat missions and bounties in a wing. That’s a whole new area of play I’ve not experienced much of in Elite, which is good, new experiences are what it’s all about.

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