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Nebula Expedition – So, That’s What That Is?

After hitting the first three nebula on the expedition I was on the verge of heading back to occupied space on the belief that I’d seen all I needed to see. It was a great trip but did I really want to see three more, similar nebula?

I’m glad I kept going as the next three nebula were quite different.

Elephant Trunk Nebula

The colours in the Elephant Trunk Nebua are amazing. If there was any doubts about continuing on the expedition after the first three nebula it was put to rest when I started exploring it. It’s a beautiful golden yellow.

What was great was how the colour varied. The two pictures looking out over the SRV show this variation, the one from the back shows a deep red nebula while looking over the SRV from the front shows the golden yellow one. It’s a great view from the planet floating in the nebula’s space.

It was very surprised with what I found at the Elephants Trunk Nebula and it really invigorated the rest of the trip.

Cave Nebula

The interesting photos in the nebula are the ones relating to other nebula. This brings up the sense of space and the ‘can I fly to that?’ factor.

The first photo was intriguing because it showed something hanging in space that I’d been spotting for a while in the game. You spot it in space as a very bright spot in distant space, like a very tightly packed grouping of stars. It’s shown here in more detail because I’m closer to it. This is essentially the NGC 7822 Nebula!

The third picture is also pretty cool as it’s looking back over the horizon at what is the Elephant Trunk Nebula.

NGC 7822 Nebula

The NGC 7822 is unique amongst all the nebula I’ve visited. The majority of nebula seem to have typical planets you’d find anywhere they just have brilliant colours hanging around them in space. The NGC 7822 is unique because it’s the home for lots of densely packed stars.

None of the stars are yellow like Sol, but are white. I’m thinking they are all embryonic stars. Possibly growing and forming in the nebula. Basically, the nebula is a birthplace for stars? I think that’s what is going on. You can see on the approach some of the bright stars, and there are many more inside, and which can been seen thousands of light years away.

I even found a black hole hidden in the nebula, by complete luck. I’m not entirely sure there aren’t others in there it’s just a matter of finding one. I’m guessing on that, I may be completely wrong.

After The Expedition

I’m currently back in occupied space, having made the journey back while listening to Spotify. The expedition was great. It’s prepared me quite well for the long journey I think. I’m putting a number of rules into practice and I’m also comfortable with the outfitting of my ship and I don’t believe I’m going to change it.

I’m not going to do any other trips until the expedition itself. I may even take a break from Elite on the run up to Distant Worlds so I’ve had a bit of space from it and come at it anew.

I can’t wait though. I’m really interested in how the community aspect of it is going to pan out, and how going on such a long journey but with a relatively high number of pilots giving it a go (over 400 currently, but I expect a sharp drop off).

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