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Project Man Cave(rn)

What is Project Man Cave(rn)? Quite simply it is the repurposing of the second bedroom in the house. The house has three bedrooms. The largest has an en-suite and shall remain the main bedroom. The smallest is quite small and would be a challenge even for a single bed. The middle one is still quite roomy and has been a second bedroom for ages that never got much use.

The aim is to make it into one of those man cave, geek solitude and gaming sort of rooms.

The Channel Video

The Challenges

As usual when you consider these things a whole series of steps kicks in which makes everything more painful than it should be. Once you start considering all these steps it’s what puts you off.

Emptying the Man Cave(rn)

The second bedroom needs emptying. This means dismantling the bed and finding a home for it, but that’s not the most annoying thing. The most annoying is it will reveal what’s under the bed which will need to go through the whole throw away or find a new storage location process applied to it.

I’m not even sure what to do with the very heavy chest of draws that sits in that room yet.

Still, thinking about needing another place to store stuff.

The Garage Is A Mess

Like everyone in the UK, the garage isn’t used to put the car in. It’s been used for dumping storage over the years and now has a load of stuff in I’ve never used or interacted with other than the gardening equipment.

And I interact with the gardening equipment under duress.

The majority of this stuff just needs throwing out. This means multiple trips to the tip assuming I can even open the garage door after many years of it remaining tightly shut.

I can then put the bed in the garage and anything from under the bed I do choose to keep.

Going All Interior Design

I’m terrible, well, historically, this should be we, at interior design. You paint a wall a single colour that doesn’t look too bad and you move on. That’s about the level of thought that was put into things.

We certainly erred on the side of making our lives easier.

It’s probably going to have to be different this time as I want it to be an interesting location am glad, happy and engaged with as I’m going to spend a lot of time there. I already spend a lot of time in the smallest bedroom. Daisy Dog and my mother, who comes around daily to let Daisy Dog out, probably spend more time in the living room than I do.

I do want it to have a certain bit of geek class, not just be another painted room I can put stuff in. So that’s going to involve me having to up my interior design thoughts and plans.

What To Do With The Small Room

Then we are left with the question of what to do with the small room? There is every danger it will become a storage room if I don’t actively make it something else. The default answer would be to turn it into a bedroom with a single bed.

The trouble is I’d still need somewhere to hang my clothes and store the stuff that’s in the chest of draws. On that basis it still feels like it’ll end up like a store room.

The Scope Challenge

It’s all too easy for this project to grow in scope. I’m thinking of a few things that may cause this to happen already.

The cupboard under the stairs: I have a big cupboard under the stairs. Harry Potter would consider it palatial. The trouble is it’s got a freezer in it and a whole lot of junk. Some of that junk will have to stay, such as the vacuum cleaner, but some of it could probably go. Possibly. They tend to be memory type stuff so it may just end up begging for another place to be homed. It is true to say though this is another space that probably needs some sort of…strategy.

The Kitchen: Let’s get something straight, I’m not buying into a new kitchen at the moment. I can appreciate a new, more modern kitchen might look awesome but I don’t use it that much to justify it. It’s not the centre of the house. I do feel I could gut the cupboard contents though, throw stuff out, buy new, consistent sets of stuff. Free up space. Even that feels like it needs a bit of a plan. It does need re-painting, due to the boiler being taken out and finding a way to re-tile the bit that was once covered by the boiler without re-tiling the whole damned kitchen.

I get these could be argued to be mini-projects of their own, but once you start considering house storage they do start merging to some degree. As an example, I never eat in the kitchen and at the table so why do I have a table in the kitchen? Space, etc.

And, Finally?

The goal has to be to get into the new room as soon as is reasonably possible. If I get myself into an ‘in transition’ situation for what feels like days and weeks I will literally get really frustrated and annoyed with it all. This is the main reason why I don’t do these things, that ‘it gets way worse before it gets better feeling’.

Well, that and the fact and I’m really bad at DIY so I always feel like things are going to look worse after my ham-fisted hands have got involved. This is why I think the artwork I keep eyeing up might be too much. Me? Get all those different sized canvases aligned? Yeah, right.

Anyway, I’m going put a bit of thought into and begin!

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