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To The End Of The Outer Spiral Rim

Location: Outer Rim Vacuous, Hull: 100%, Distant Travelled: 19,588 LY

When they say in Star Wars they are in the Outer Rim what do they mean? Well, it’s Star Wars so it could mean absolutely anything. Remember, this is the film that used parsecs as a measure of time. The more sane of us take it to believe the outer most parts of the galaxy, those areas less explored and, in the Star Wars case, less subject to the laws of the galactic government.

The outer rim in my case means I’m in the outer most spiral arm and I am heading along its tail to the point it begins to end. It could also be the start, if you you are spiralling to the centre.

The Long Journey Around

At this point it’s probably an idea to give you an appreciation of the undertaking.

As shown in the map above we are circumventing the galaxy utilising the outer spiral arms. We are going clockwise, though at the moment we are heading counter to that in order to hit the end of the outer most spiral arm before starting off around.

The map shows an abstract representation of the various way points. We also have base camps which are not necessarily at the way points. This means the way points are exactly that, a general direction to fly in with the fleet scouts finding a suitable base camp at some point before the main fleet ‘arrives’.

You can also get a different appreciation of it through the video below:-

The Fantastic EDDiscovery

One of the appeals of Elite: Dangerous is the discovery. I don’t just mean discovery of planets but the slow discovery and figuring out of the game. In fact, one of the reasons Peak Elite came along and I stopped playing was because I felt I wasn’t learning anything new about the game.

Now I learn stuff about tools outside the game.

I’ve been using EDDiscovery for a while but I only used for the basic tasks: logging my position and converting image files. Now I’m trying to prod it a bit to see what else it can do. I’ve found you can export things from the EDDiscovery client. This means I can export every system I’ve entered and planet scanned as part of the whole expedition.

This is great because for Distant Worlds I logged important things manually in a spreadsheet. The export function is a massive time saver.

Fantastic Repair Robots

One benefit of not playing for so long is I’m encountering new features that have been in the game for a while. You’ll have noticed at way point one my hull was already down to 97%.

Now it’s 100%.

This was due to some fellow Commander deploying a repair limpet to for me which happily connected itself to the underside of my ship and weaved it’s magic on the slight strains to my hull. This is a great feature as it means the only real ‘hard problem’ that now exists in long-term exploration is the power plant.

The really great thing is repair limpets can be replenished with harvested materials from planets further enhancing their long-term exploration potential. If you’re just a bit careful you can effectively supply yourself and stay in the black…forever.

All The Beautiful Planets

I’m still amazed at how many Water Worlds and Earth-like planets I’m coming across. I’m pretty sure the discovery rate wasn’t as high during Distant Worlds. I’ve been coming across enough of them I’ve stopped taking photos of them all.

Still, I can’t resist including some of the images I’ve taken before I started getting a bit tired of finding them. The good thing about the EDDiscovery export is I can easily find all these worlds later and check if I got the first discovery.

This Time…Water Geysers!

The third base camp featured geysers again. These were different as they were water geysers. These can launch your SRV to a great height depending on the gravity of the moon in question. I played around with that a bit mostly played it safe.

Damn My Paint

I’ve noticed on a few photos that my ships paint work is already showing signs of damage. This is fantastic. It’s fantastic because I seemed to do the whole of Distant Worlds and yet my ship entered occupied space like it had just gone around the corner to pick up some coffee.

I believe this was due to my white / grey paint work. This time I’m sporting deep red paint work which is showing the paint damage more.

You see I want my ship to come back totally wrecked. Okay, not wrecked in the true sense of the word. I’d like the ships integrity to remain intact, but I want the paint work to be totally ruined. I want it to look like the ship has been out in the black without a touch up for a year. I am going to take pride in the ship totally ruined paint work.

And, Finally…

The expedition is at the third way point which could be said to be the start of the circumvention proper as we are in the outer most arm at its tail end. Its been an enjoyable experience so far. I’ll admit, due to time, it’s consisting of travelling to the way point and then interacting with fellow players there.

I’m not really branching out and exploring around much. This may happen as the expedition unfolds, as it is a year long. Just saying I’ve done it is still part of the appeal.

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