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Top 3 Disney Vlogs

The first thing to note is the title.  It’s not The Best Disney Vloggers, but we’ll come back to that.

What I am doing is picking out the Disney Vlogs that I’ve really enjoyed and I think stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of Disney vlogs out there and they are very similar. I can say that because I’ll happily include mine in that category.

So Many Disney Vlogs

I don’t when I started watching Disney vlogs in 2016. The exact reason and the exact time has been lost. I can’t even remember if it was the vlogs that lead to the solo trip or if the solo intentions lead to the vlogs?

It’s possible it’s a bit of both as these discovery processes sometimes break time and space.

I started with the usual bunch: Ellie Steadman, Charlotte Ruff and Krispy Smore. They certainly got me thinking vlogging my solo trip might be a great idea as there can’t be many people doing that. While I in no way did it for the numbers, that was amazingly naive. It was only after I discovered the crazy insanity of the Disney vlogging couple thing.

It has turned out that my solo trip was relatively unique, especially if you throw in the fact I’m male.

Since then I’ll admit I don’t watch as many Disney vlogs as people think I do. I certainly don’t have a long list of vloggers that I watch as each knew trip comes out. I’ve tended to watch smaller ones with a unique perspective, etc.

Anyway, out of the ones I have watched these are currently my top three.

#3 Reality TV Style

There was a time I used to like Reality TV. I was well into the potential of the format to come at subjects and stories in different ways. This isn’t the case now as things have degenerated into chaos on that front. I still do like some of the set-ups of Reality TV though.

So, it’s not surprising that Disney in Detail’s November 2017 trip told in the style of a Reality TV show hits the right buttons.

Imagine a Reality TV show, such as Supernanny or Kitchen Nightmares, those ones that mix up the reality footage with talking heads. They may even give each real participant a role in the story based on their job or their type. Then the drama unfolds across a mixture of footage as it happens, ‘faked but meant to look natural chats’ and the talking heads breaking the timeline by talking about events in the context of them having actually already happened.

That is Disney in Details November 2017 vlogs and they’re very clever.

You have Victoria the ‘Florida Veteran’ and Becky the ‘Florida Rookie’. We have the talking heads talking about events in a retrospective fashion. This is a really strange construct to actually see in a vlog but it makes perfect sense as it creates a construct that allows the story of the trip to be told in a different way. They do the natural but obviously not really natural conversations while on the trip, which most have been really strange to film. It’s quite a big decision as you’re not just filming what you’re doing you are consciously shooting something for a production. Then you have the typical Disney vlog footage.

The true genius behind these videos is the monumental effort it must have taken to do them. The editing effort must be massive, but let’s put that to one side as that’s only half of it. Anyone who vlogs a trip has to make a choice how conscious they are going to be of the edit as you film. This in turn means your making a decision of how conscious you are of the ‘filmed end product’ as a product while you are filming. At one end is the approach that you’re just filming your holiday and the edit will fall where it falls. At the opposite end you go in with the conscious effort of making a film of your trip and you’re thinking about content, scenes how it might all weave together so you get the footage you need.

Disney in Detail’s November 2017 vlogs are so far into the ‘conscious creation’ end of the spectrum it blows your mind a bit when you first see it and think of the effort. Then once you’ve processed it you have to give each vlog in the series a clap as the whole thing is an impressive undertaking.

#2 Framed Narrative Style

I found BabyBeazle’s channel through a re-tweet linking to the video ‘I fell off my bike’ which you should go and watch right now! It is the video directly below this paragraph. Well, maybe after you’ve finished watching this. It’s one of the best videos on YouTube. The storytelling in it is astounding.

It was that storytelling that got me watching BabyBeazle’s ‘My Adventure Book‘ which are Lizzie’s vlogs of her time on Disney World’s Cultural Exchange Programme. There are many people vlogging their experiences working at Disney World on the cultural and college programs. None of them are like BabyBeazle’s and this is why they are in the list.

BabyBeazle’s vlogs are constructed around a framed narrative. Yes there is footage of her in the parks and doing things in Disney World, but that footage exists purely to serve a framed narrative of a larger story and it is that larger story that makes each episode fascinating. Each of the narratives is interesting, fascinating and a personal story of discovery within the CEP. It is a look at a Disney World experience delivered in a way you’re not going to experience anywhere else on the Internet.

I find the whole approach fascinating as in the vast number of cases the framing narrative and narration must have come after a lot of the footage. I guess how far after in some cases is an interesting question as this in itself influences the perspective of that narrative. There is also the writing of the narration and the ability to deliver those long narrations with, in a lot of cases, minimal edits. I can’t do a script. I have to have items I want to cover and navigate my way to it. If I had an exact map in the form of a script I’d be pasting it together every sentence or so.

It just goes to show how some people can memorise scripts. This alone I found ridiculously impressive. This is probably a good thing because, I have to admit, the filming skills and the general technical quality of the video footage can be, compared to others absolutely dire, but that’s the strength of the video’s written components: you don’t care.

The final thing I’d say about BabyBeazle’s My Adventure Book vlogs is they are one of the few vlogs I watch that I’d say count as art.

#1 Infectious Enthusiastic Style

Michael Kay’s vlogs weren’t part of the initial Disney vlogs I started watching before the solo trip in 2016. I can’t remember how I found them but once I did I was hooked. Unlike the other two entries which are on the list for the novel way they’ve approached an individual series of vlogs, Michael Kay is on the list because he does, in my view, the best straight up Disney vlogs on the Internet.

Why are they perfect? Two reasons, his enthusiasm is infectious and it’s all in the edit. Michael went to Disney World during New Year in 2017 and his New Year in EPCOT video is the perfect example of his approach.

They way Michael Kay enjoys Disney draws you in. He finds it totally magical and while I may not fully share his view on it to the same extent I can appreciate he does and that makes it totally absorbing. You enjoy it because he enjoys it so much. Many an overly enthusiastic Disney vlog are pretty painful, with the castle crying and whatever else, but Michael’s enthusiasm is something I can fully get in sync with. It is an every man’s enthusiasm.

This is matched to the edit. The edit is rapid but not choppy. It features almost exclusive material of him talking to camera unless there is some sort of show. He manages to do this rapidly so it moves along at a quick place and he manages to combine talking to camera with seeing stuff. He really likes that wide-angle canon lens he has and I can see why as he uses it really well. This approach appeals to me as it is content without fat, it doesn’t involve ages of park footage without talking to camera for context and he doesn’t really do ride footage.

Basically, every moment is interesting and Michael Kay’s vlogs are the only ones I actively look forward to after each of his trips. While most other vlogs I sort of catch up with possibly at some point with some sort of random intention.

And, Finally…

That’s it. The three Disney vlogs I’ve enjoyed the most. There are a lot of Disney vlogs out there and it’s impossible to keep up with them all. It’s also true that just as I have problems vlogging about things that aren’t knew and I’ve done many times before it can rapidly become the same with Disney vlogs.

People doing the same rides they themselves have done many times before, etc.

As a result the different way these vlogs present their material compared to everyone else, myself included, is what makes them attractive and really worth watching.

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