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Faster, Better Armed And Varied

I got to 75M credits and I’ve given up. The idea of trading in a Type-7 so I could get a Type-9 has come to its natural end. The grind is just too much. It’s taken a while to get to this point and the thought that I probably needed close to 110M credits in order to satisfactorily transition to the Type-9 (purchase, upgrades, insurance, enough to continue trading) was just soul destroying.

The problem is the Type-7 is an ugly vessel and it’s not that enjoyable to fly. It’s slow and laborious. Since the Type-9, while much better looking, is more of the same but with even shorter jump distances, I really just decided to stop. Why get the Type-9 only to earn more money so I can vary my play some time in the future?

Just vary my play up now! So, I’ve ditched the Type-7, purchased and outfitted a Python, and I’ve got 20M credits left. This gives me options in one vessel.

I can keep trading in the Python. The build I’ve got has a hold of 276 tonnes, this is circa 70 tonnes higher than the Type-7. This means the Python can actually generate more money per run than the Type-7 and it can still dock at outposts giving me more options. It’s also faster so the turnaround time on trips, if I really concentrate on it, can be a lot quicker which is more money per hour. It’s also more fun to fly. So, yes, the Type-9 probably does have a significant advantage in credit generation due to its larger hold, but I’d have to find a good route despite the Type-9’s short jump range. The Type-9 would also have only been capable of trading.

The Python allows me to jump into different roles as it is a very good combat ship, second only to the Anaconda I believe. I’ve got weapons on it of numerous types including defence systems I’m not even sure how to use yet. It’s going to involve some figuring out. One of the first changes this has made is when I was interdicted for the first time I turned right around and vaporised the swine into space. Normally I have to cut and run. This means I can also do some conflict zones as well taking out wanted ships in resource zones. In theory, I can pick up bounties, but the few times I’ve tried that in the Diamondback Scout I’ve had trouble finding the actual target. In theory though, I can investigate that.

It’s a nice ship. It’s so nice I’ll probably keep it. I’m even thinking of pimping it out and giving it a different pain job.

I’m already going to make some changes. This is because I’m not really used to the different types of weapons and how they play. I’ve got a fixed beam laser on the Python and it’s not really working out for me at the moment. I understand they are quite a high damaging weapon, but my chances of keeping it on target are ridiculously low. In my first and only combat so far I gave up on the primary beam laser and took the enemy vessel out with the four cannons on gimbals. I like my weapons on gimbals so they swivel and hit anything within a certain angle of the vessels facing, which means I can keep the vessel in front of me but I don’t have to keep a ridiculously small ‘point’ painted on the vessel with my ‘accurate’ flight skills.

I’ve started to figure out what makes Elite Dangerous appealing? The discovery and learning. This is a bit weird as if it was any other game I’d be avoiding the discovery and learning in favour of a well orchestrated experience and narrative. It’s different with Elite. It gets boring when you stop learning. The Python opens up new learning opportunities primary around combat. I need to learn the different weapons, the defence systems and I may even experiment with taking Flight Assist off! Fight Assist provides automatic compensating thrusters which means your vessel a bit more like a normal aircraft. Turn flight assist off and you have full on Battlestar Galactica combat with your vessel still moving on its trajectory until you provide compensating thrust. As you can imagine, a pilot having mastered this is substantially more lethal than one who hasn’t.

I’ve entered a new phase with Elite, and we’ll see how it plays out.

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