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I Have An Anaconda *Drops Joystick*

I was happily trading in my Python, a ship I really liked, and then decided to gun for an Anaconda. I wasn’t going to, in a way I didn’t see the point in having one other than to say I’d got there, but I watched a few videos and decided: why not?

Today I got the Anaconda, and even though it needs a bit of upgrade work, it’s great. First..rewind.

The problem with getting to the Anaconda is it was going to take a while in the Python, so I decided to experiment with the Type-9. You see the Type-9 is half the price of the Anaconda but has the same cargo capacity. So, I burned my way to the Type-9 using the Python. Sold everything I had other than the Diamondback Scout. During this time I’d also sold the Diamondback Explorer and purchased an Asp Explorer as I’d deluded myself I was off on another exploration trip. It was the big sell.


The Type-9 isn’t a vessel that sells itself to you. I’d heard it was slow and moved like a beached whale, but there is no way you can imagine what that actually means. It is really slow, ponderous and takes forever to turn. All the rules of how you fly sort of change, which never really happened in the Type-6 and Type-7 to as big a degree. The ship looks cool, but there is no way I could have stuck with it for ages. You run with it to earn money to get somewhere and then you sell it as quick as possible. It’s just boring, slow and you will be interdicted. When you are interdicted you will be pounded on without fail as you literally can’t escape or dodge fire. Since I don’t do space combat much this was the first time it made sense to invest in a chaff launcher.

The Type-9 earns such a ridiculous number of credits per hour my time spent with the vessel was less than a day. I purchased the Anaconda, upgraded it as best as I could and started doing some trade runs.

The Anaconda is a thing of beauty. It’s the biggest vessel in the game. It feels big. It’s engine sounds is great. Despite this it’s surprisingly sprightly in its movements. It turns well. It has speed. It can be armed to a ridiculous level, though at the moment it’s unarmed. All this and the beast has so much cargo space it is in the same money generating category as the Type-9. Thinking about it the Anaconda is the multi-purpose analogue to the Type-9 and the Python serves a similar purpose in relation to the Type-7. I really like both ships.

I suspect my focus in the time I play the game in the future will be rounding out the upgrades on the Anaconda. I have a vague feeling I want to re-buy the Python as well, but I’m not sure how much sense this makes. I did like that ship though. I’ll keep the Diamondback Scout and I may also re-buy a Diamondback Explorer when I fancy another exploration trip. At that point the game might have changed and I’ll be off doing planetary landings or something and careering around moons in a fancy land vehicle.

Now I’ve got there I’m going to take a bit of a break. Try and spend a bit more time not playing computer games and then balance that out with the fact there is The Taken King on the horizon and at the end of September Sword Coasts: Legends, which I’m hoping is going to deliver.

The Anaconda is really nice though.

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