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January In Books

I set out in my goals for 2018 to read twelve books. This is not that many books. I used to serially read books every day or two, but times have changed in terms of how I allocate my time. I accept twelve books is a conservative goal. In January …

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A Princess of Mars

So, some of my gaming ideas have been drifting to things like retro futurism, planetary romance and of course, hanging around in the background, the ever present influence of pulp. In line with this I was scanning Amazon for books, initially Steampunk, but that didn’t really go anywhere and I …

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Honey! I Shrunk the Research Students!

An observation first. I’ve started to notice that I become aware of things when I visit the supermarket. I don’t haunt the supermarket often, but I don’t visit the ‘town centre’, and I certainly don’t haunt retail parks on a regular basis. This means the touch point opportunities for ‘encountering …

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