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Short Isn’t Necessarily Easier

There has been some disruptions to the expedition which means I fell behind momentarily, chasing the way points but not actually being synchronised with the fleet. I did consider just ditching it. The expedition is short, it’s not like I’d be giving up on some epic achievement that would stand …

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Epic Suns and Mysterious Barnacles

The expedition continues to be surprising. I really was expecting it to be a routine, as I’ve done the whole Barnard’s Loop thing, but that’s not proving to be the case. I’ve seen an alien oddity, a local nebula I didn’t even know existed and it was gorgeous, and a …

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To The Crab Nebula!

So, I’m going on another expedition. This wasn’t the plan. The plan was to put Elite Dangerous back in its box for a while. I’d looked at other expeditions, but they didn’t appeal, they basically seemed to be a person or two saying ‘guys travel roughly over here’, the net impact …

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