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Disneyland Paris, Absolument Pas

I have a tumultuous relationship with Disneyland Paris. You see, around the millennium, give or take 5 years in either direction, myself and my wife were very much like the vloggers you see now. We went to Disneyland for two weeks twice a year, the standard May and September (possibly …

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Spectacle to Magical to Tradition

The solo trip to Disney World I went on during September 2016 was interesting for a number of reasons. The main one being the solo endeavour. The second being it got me into the whole YouTube thing. The third being how differently I’d come to view Disney. The biggest surprise …

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Top 5 Disneyland Paris Experiences

Note this does not say attractions. It’s not the top 5 attractions. It’s the top 5 experiences I had on my May 2017 trip. An experience can be almost anything. It may be an attraction or it may be something as nebulous as a moment that made the Disneyland Paris …

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Disneyland Paris 5 Years Later

There was a time I went to Disneyland Paris a lot. This was back when I was going to Disney World a lot. We’d be doing Disney World twice a year and then averaging two Disneyland Paris, sometimes up to four, trips dotted throughout the year. Hell, I think one …

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A Return To Disney

We returned to Disney last year after a four year absence. Regrettably, it’s wasn’t Disney World, that still comes in at a price I’m not willing to pay. Disneyland Paris will just have to do thanks to a sweet deal via Expedia and accumulated reward points. In the past we’ve …

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