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Embrace The (Star Trek) Discovery

I woke up at 0600 and decided to get up because I’d heard that Star Trek: Discovery was getting released on Netflix at 0700. I did this because Star Trek is a big thing for me. It’s not big because I’m an obsessive fan, well, I probably used to be, …

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Re-Engaging With Star Trek

It’s been a while since I watched any Star Trek. This is to be expected as Star Trek: The Next Generation aired 1987 – 1994, Deep Space Nine 1993 – 1999 and Star Trek: Voyager 1995 – 2001, though I never consistently watched Voyager, but despite this I seem to …

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Star Trek:Nemesis

Since we pay a flat, monthly fee to see as many films as we want, we went to see Star Trek: Nemesis yesterday. It was actually better than I expected, to the point that I think it is one of the better Next Generations movies – but then that’s not …

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