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Ian O'Rourke
United Kingdom
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Actually...Interesting Product!
Keywords: Role-Playing Games.

As is traditional, when one is in Newcastle you visit Travelling Man. Quite often this is done just to see how further the stock of the typical gaming store has drifted away from stuff I'd actually buy. This is both because of a concentration on the 'big few' and because I purchase a lot less anyway. How much Warhammer product can a shop stock?

Surprisingly, this trip got a different result. Theoretically, watching the finances aside, I'd have quite easily made two purchases. Admittedly, they'd have probably been read and then never used, but I was interested in purchasing them.

Finally, Mutants and Masterminds third edition is on the shelves. It doesn't matter that both Mutants and Masterminds first and second edition are already on my gaming shelf and neither have been used. The book looks so nice. It's also surprisingly thin, which makes me think it might be simpler, or certainly no more complicated, than the second edition. It's a paperback, but it looks gorgeous. It had the 'must buy' smell, feel and visual aura. The other good thing it was 25 GBP, which is relatively cheap, probably because most books are often a good 10 GBP higher than that. It even had a purchase me price. Nice. The problem with Mutants and Masterminds continues to be the buy-in demanded of character creation, in actual play I'm still convinced it's pretty, damned anaemic and quick.

The second temptation came a bit from left field. There is a number of games that are 'slightly updated' from simpler versions of Dungeons and Dragons, they're not exactly the basic set series, or any of the previous AD&D versions, but they still have more in common with a more simplified era. One such game is Castles and Crusades. It's now been released in cute, A5 paperback format for 13 GBP (and 10 GBP for the monster book). I'm sucker for these cheap ass 'editions' of games. I know, it's old school D&D even if it does have some of the more extreme incongruities filed off, so would it really ever see play? Probably not, but those cheap, cute A5 books are damned attractive. Still, sometimes you have an yearning for writing something more module-like, an action and adventure, 'fantasy' mini-series (on the shorter side). You just can't be arsed with all the 'story gamer' mechanics in this sort of set-up. Or is that just me?

That's it. Well, apart from the board game purchases hanging on the periphery of my consciousness.

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