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Ian O'Rourke
United Kingdom
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A Year Without Gaming

For a reason I've now forgotten I had reason to encounter the last blog post about the 4E Campaign. This is the last time I was actively participating in role-playing games. This is now over a year ago. Time flies. I have to admit, it doesn't feel that long. Needless to say it got me pondering.

The absence from gaming has been very...complete. The last time I had a gaming famine was 1996 to 2000 and it lasted around five years. Ironically, this was one of my most active periods in the gaming hobby, it just didn't involve actually playing. I was active on 2-3 key forums. I was actively discussing issues and ideas in the embryonic 'indie movement'. I took my previous gaming experience, put it through the wider experience of discussing it with my contemporaries, mentally applying some new theories and thus forged a great understanding of what I wanted from games and how they worked. It was very useful. I was also buying a significant amount of games, albeit in the 'ever so nineties' way of buying them to read. This time none of that is happening. I've stopped playing. I've stopped buying. I don't visit any internet sites related to gaming. I very rarely visit gaming stores.

As the time has passed it's become remarkably...easy.

There are numerous reasons for this, which originated with money and now are more related to time. Initially, it was easier to see the travel costs incurred by gaming as an outlay that could be used for networking costs. This changed in May and while things have changed again it isn't really the a factor to the degree it was. Now it's time. I think it's the issue of time which has made it remarkably easy. I'm working away on a project so that tends to make the time I'm at home more important, so spending what can feel like half of Sunday out of the house every other week feels gratuitous. If you then throw in the in the MBA which always hits the weekend to some degree or another time is even more crunched. Then you have mental space. Life just isn't that traditional and stable at the moment which is a bit irritating and there are activities and actions around that which further absorb time.

It's all too easy to see that as a gaming exit. The truth is though, once the parameters of time and mental space change gaming will flood back in to fill the void. No one likes a void and gaming stuff is always what fills it by default. Depending on how things go, it could be an extreme vacuum as the MBA will have gone as well.

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